RECAP: “Where Is Home?” Educational Dialogue


By Kuya Andrew Amorao

In celebration of Filipin@ American History Month, KAMP hosted its October educational dialogue at the headquarters of the United Domestic Workers of America (UDW). About thirty community members, students, and professionals participated and explored the question, “Where is home?” Thanks to UDW’s sponsorship, participants were also treated to a dinner of Filipin@ dishes from Filipino Food and Bakery (2852 Main Street).

This was one of the most challenging educational dialogues we have prepared and hosted. What we define as home is different for each person and we found it difficult to separate questions of home from issues of immigration and identity. The planning group came to the conclusion that our idea of home is complex, especially for so many immigrants who may feel like they don’t belong in either the places they originally come from or where they currently reside.

Participants at the educational dialogue embraced this topic and the exploration into who they are and how they define home. The dialogue culminated into a community poem in which each group member completed the sentence, “Home is…” The groups then walked around and read the other groups’ poems written on post it papers arranged on the floor and chose one to read that resonated with them. One of the most impactful sentences came from a sixteen-year-old participant who wrote, “Home is where you take a stand.” We ended the night by encouraging everyone to continue the dialogue about the meaning and significance of what home is in his or her respective community spaces.

We hope you can join us at KAMP’s next educational dialogue as we partner with the San Diego Public Central Library for a film screening of the documentary “Fall of the I-Hotel,” on Tuesday, November 18th at 6:00pm in the main auditorium.