Michelle Calimlim

Mentor: Michelle Calimlim

Mentor: Michelle Calimlim

Michelle (Mich) Calimlim

San Diego, California

Tell us two truths and a lie, in random order.
1. In my sophomore year of college I pledged for a sorority called Kappa Psi Epsilon, but I had to depledge because I started failing my geography class.

2. When I was four years old, my dad cracked an egg on my head while I was in the living room watching TV.

3. I slept with a nightlight until the age of 15, but that’s only because the bulb burned out and I was lazy to replace it.

Tell us about a teacher or mentor who has impacted your personal growth or critical thinking.
A mentor that has impacted my personal growth/thinking was Professor Pido. I never actually had him as a teacher, but in the first semester of my last year of college I applied to be his instructor aid (IA) for the Filipino Identities class. With it being my last year of undergrad, Professor Pido was a very strong emotional and mental support. He reminded me that not everything is set in stone and that a lot of life is about how we adjust, adapt, and/or accept change. He emphasized the knowledge that can be gained from simply questioning the world, our teachers, our peers, to challenge things to gain perspective.

What do you like to do for fun?
When I have the time I like to write poetry and I like to paint. I used to dance hip hop and Filipino folk dance, but would love to get back into dancing in general. Eating. Eating is fun.

What’s one of your favorite quotes?
“Be mindful, even if your mind is full.” – De La Vega