Daylight Saving Updates!

So, a lot happened since our last post three months ago. To give you an idea…

Here are a few of the events we’ve had for our amazing staff and mentors:

  • We hosted a fun-filled Brown Carabao Gift Exchange in December! Highlights include eating Porto’s pastries courtesy of Ate Jhea, seeing former KAMPers like Kuya Jon, Kuya Brandon and Ate Gail, and setting a new record for gift steals.
  • We held an incredible Staff & Mentor Winter Retreat in January! See our last reflection post about retreat, written by Ate Michelle.
  • Our research team celebrated their first year working together at an escape room, and they solved it with 38 seconds to spare!

Here’s some of what we’ve done with our wonderful, dedicated community partners:

  • We moved to a different server this month! We’re so grateful for our new home on the internet. Many thanks to Kuya Sev and Kuya Ray for their generosity.
  • We attended Asian Solidarity Collective’s (ASC) first event: Solidarity Get Down! ASC is a new grassroots organization in San Diego whose mission is to activate Asian American social justice consciousness, identify intersectional affiliations, condemn anti-Blackness, and build Asian solidarity with Black folks and other communities of color. Stay posted for updates about our exciting new partnership with ASC!

Here are our reluctant updates about PQ Village:

  • We’re heartbroken, and we’re angry.
  • Earlier this month, San Diego City Council approved the Pacific Village redevelopment proposal with a vote of 8-to-1. Even if they hadn’t, though, policy-driven circumstances had made it so the redevelopment was a shoe-in. What happened with PQ Village is a glaring example of statements like, “The system wasn’t built for us.”
  • For now, we are keeping our ears to the ground for updates. Organizer-friends who are closer to the residents may be sharing call-outs soon, for volunteers to help with packing and moving.

And last but not least, here are our updates about what we’ve done and been working on for our students:

  • We had awesome classroom visits at Sweetwater High School and Mt. Carmel High School (y’all are so on point)!
  • We facilitated a workshop at UC San Diego Kaibigang Pilipinx’s high school conference!
  • And we’ve have officially begun working on FilGrad 2018!!! That’s right. It’s happening.

On that note, if you’re down to help us make FilGrad happen, we’d love to have you join one of our committees! Email us at kampsd[@]gmail[.]com, and we’ll link you up.

–Ate Moe

Reflecting on Winter Retreat

The biggest take away from KAMP’s winter retreat was the reminder to be mindful of the different ways people process both information and emotions.

The weekend’s activities lended themselves to be individually reflective and active collaboratively, allowing for the different transfers of ideas and ways to ground oneself both in the moment and in our work ahead.

We were able to learn about KAMP history in a fun “Game of Life” created by Kuya Marc and Ate Kim, and discuss our past and present educational experiences through a Pedagogy/Theater of the Oppressed workshop facilitated by Ate Heidi.

Overall the retreat was a great way to practice the community building with each other, that we will continue to foster and strengthen in the larger San Diego Fil-Am community.

— Ate Michelle

KAMP 2017 Summer Retreat: The Next 10 Years

When: Sunday, Aug 27, 2017 from 8:30am to 5pm

Where: Alliance San Diego, 4443 30th Street San Diego, CA 92116

Come join us for our 2017 Summer Retreat! This is our time to get to know each other better, sharpen our skills as mentors, revisit KAMP pedagogy, and plan for the coming academic year. This retreat is also a perfect time to reflect on the past 10 years – on all that KAMP has accomplished and wants to accomplish as it continues to grow as an organization. Come and be a part of the next chapter of KAMP’s story!

Facebook Event Page:

Summer Retreat Registration:

KAMP Summer 2016 Retreat

From September 10 to September 11, the Kuya Ate Mentorship Program held its annual summer retreat at the Alliance San Diego offices. Our theme this year was: KAMP, EVOLVE! While honestly somewhat in honor of KAMPers newfound love of Pokemon Go, the theme was also to call attention to the growth and change KAMP is going through this year as we develop a whole gang of 10 new mentors and make decisive moves towards acquiring nonprofit status. From our pedagogy and Paulo Freire workshops to a community educators panel to our live action version of Pokemon Go, it was an awesome two days of sharing, searching, and setting the groundwork for an exciting new year!

2016 Summer Retreat

KAMP Summer Retreat Sept 10-11


“KAMP, Evolve!” is KAMP’s 9th annual Summer Retreat!

KAMP is short for the Kuya Ate Mentorship Program. Our vision is to empower and inspire our youth to be fully participatory and transformative in our local and global communities.

We invite you to join us–

“KAMP, Evolve!” is OPEN to new & current KAMP members, and to interested community members!

Food will be provided. Some of us may even drop a lure or two during meal and break times.

Note: This retreat is **not** overnight.