KAMP is a labor of love.

All of our staff members and mentors (or KAMPers) serve on a purely voluntary basis.

KAMPers support and mentor each other, however, ensuring the development of important skills. From learning marketing and communication strategies to facilitating meetings and writing grants, KAMPers gain valuable experience as leaders of an organization dedicated to empowering youth and giving back to our community. Many former KAMPers have gone on to graduate programs and successful careers in education, student affairs, non-profit organizations and labor organizing.

Current Mentors

Alexi Balaguer, Alfredo Leano, Amanda Solomon Amorao, Andrew Amorao, April Baluyot, DJ Aniciete, Eddie Bernardo, Erwin Mendoza, Heidi Dotimas, John Camero, Marc Pescadera, Mary Penetrante, Melissa Damo, Moe Abugan, Rhonalyn Santos, Sandy Amon, Sev Reyes

Executive Direction: Amanda Solomon Amorao

Program Coordination: Sandy Amon, DJ Aniciete

K-12 Engagement: DJ Aniciete, Marc Pescadera

College Engagement: Alfredo Leano, Sev Reyes

Community Engagement: Andrew Amorao

Marketing and Public Relations: Eddie Bernardo, Erwin Mendoza

Finance and Development: Moe Abugan

Leadership Development: Marc Pescadera, Moe Abugan, Sandy Amon