KAMP Summer 2015 BBQ Recap

What’s up folks? Can ya’ll believe its fall already? It feels like this year is flying by too fast. During the summer, KAMP had its yearly Summer BBQ on July 25 at Balboa Park and we grilled up some hot dogs and burgers! Not only that, Kuya Brandon made some delicious vegan pulled pork. He used jackfruit as the substitute for the meat and seasoned it and it tasted just like the real thing. It was a really fun event and has now become an annual tradition! We were able to get to know each other more, and not only that, we were able to welcome in some new members and reconnect with some old members too! KAMP volunteers bonded not just through food but also through some intense volleyball games and bocce ball competition. Hope you can make it to the next event and learn more about our community or KAMPunity

Kuya John Camero