KAMP 2015 Summer Retreat Recap

KAMP had its annual summer retreat on August 21-23 at a beautiful mountaintop house in Fallbrook. The theme or focus was “KAMPciousness,” how we have come into critical consciousness and how it will be further developed with/in our communities and ourselves.  As a first time retreat-goer, it was both an educational and comforting experience.

The weekend largely consisted of learning with each other to breakdown Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. However, we participated in various team-building activities and ice shavers that allowed us to get creative and have some fun.  Additionally, I appreciated moments that we had to actually retreat, step back, reflect, relax, and of course food. I appreciated the food.

Big thanks to all hands that prepared the meals, to those who gave their time, consideration, and funds for such a beautiful space and enlightening weekend. Big thanks to the Kuyas and Ates that I just met, friends and family all the same, for making me feel at home in a city that’s always been home. I am excited to be a part of the wonderful things KAMP has in store this year.

Ate Mich Calimlim