KAMP’s First 2015 Educational Dialogue! Wed 9/23, 7pm @ Filipino Food & Bakery

problem posing

Join us for KAMP’s first fall 2015 Educational Dialogue: Banking vs Problem-Posing Education!

How is knowledge given and taken? Can it be more than just informative? Who are the authorities of knowledge? What is Pedagogy? Ultimately, how can we make classrooms spaces of empowerment not just discipline?

These are just a few questions we will be exploring together. We will introduce participants to KAMP’s teaching philosophy based on the work of Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire, as well as explore how we can best empower students in their education. We’ll also dialogue about the significance of bringing an Ethnic Studies curriculum to SD classrooms and explore what is the best way to teach such a curriculum.

Please feel free to come by early to mingle and support a local business by buying some hot Filipino food! Stay for the stimulating conversations. Leave with an open mind.

KAMP’s mission is to foster an educational program in and out of the classroom that develops critical thinking skills and primarily focuses on the study of Filipin@ and Filipino@ American culture, history and identity in order to pursue social justice.

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