Volunteer for HS FilGrad 2015!

Hello KAMP Supporters!

we are in need of 10 volunteers to assist us with the San Diego Filipina/o High School Graduation (FilGrad). Volunteering means assisting with duties on the day of the event including but not limited to: decorating, ushering, serving food, clean-up, registration, photo-booth.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the event, FilGrad is a Filipino-style graduation ceremony sponsored by KAMP and FILAMEDA to commemorate the accomplishments and achievements of graduating seniors in San Diego. A special feature of the ceremony is that each graduate will be given a moment at the podium to express their gratitude to their friends, family, and community members who have helped them throughout school.

This year is the 7th annual ceremony and we will be hosting the event at the Downtown San Diego Public Library on May 24th, 2015 from 2pm to 4pm. If you are interested, willing, and able to volunteer with us for FilGrad, please follow the instructions below to sign-up:

  1. Availability: We will need volunteers to be available to help from 1pm to 5pm, if you are available between these hours, please mark your calendars.
  2. Contact Information: Please email us with your contact information including your First and Last Name, Phone Number and Email.
  3. Follow-Up: Our volunteer coordinator, Romyn Sabatchi, will contact you and provide you with more detailed information about your duties for FilGrad.

Please email us at kampsd@gmail.com to volunteer! Thank you so much!