KAMP @ SUHI Conference!


On April 18th, five of our mentors went to Sweetwater High School for their district’s high school conference. At the event, the objective was two-fold. First, initiate a discussion about “power” with the students who chose to participate in KAMP’s workshop. Second,  recruit students to participate in the 7th Annual High School Filipino Graduation (HS FilGrad).

The power workshop seemed to be a new topic of conversation for the students, probably because talking about the power dynamics that pattern society is uncommon in many public and educational spaces. Nevertheless, mentors conversed with students about the nuances of power like how power is held differently between teachers and students in relation to the production of knowledge. By the end of the workshop, mentors found themselves limited on time and felt the need for another opportunity to further explore the topic of power with the youth. Hopefully, in the future,  KAMP can increase its capacity to teach in more schools in the Sweetwater Unified School District.
After the workshop KAMP mentors set up a table outside the gymnasium where students listened to more speakers and were awarded for their academic excellence. As the conference broke for lunch, the graduating seniors could be seen modeling their beautiful Philippine-styled stoles that foreshadowed their graduation to come. The mentors recruited six seniors who applied for this year’s FilGrad and more are expected to sign up when KAMP teachers in their classrooms on April 30th. All in all, the high school conference seemed to be a success and KAMP mentors felt in their place amongst the hundreds of Filipino and Filipina students in the crowd.
-Kuya Sean