KAMP Honored by Professor Glenn Omatsu and USD Ethnic Studies

USD #1

By Ate Amanda Solomon-Amorao

On Wednesday October 8, 2014 at the University of San Diego, the Kuya Ate Mentorship

Program was awarded $1000 and recognized by the USD Department of Ethnic Studies and

Professor Glenn Omatsu for our work in creating dynamic educational spaces in our community.

Once a year, the Department of Ethnic Studies hosts their annual Labovitz-Perez Lecture series

that features a renowned scholar, practitioner, theorists, and social action researcher who has

made major contributions to the field of Ethnic Studies. This year the department invited

Professor Glenn Omatsu from California State Northridge who has made critical contributions in

Asian American Studies and Service Learning work in Higher Education to speak. Professor

Omatsu delivered a lecture entitled, “The Essential Role of Community Engagement in Ethnic

Studies Pedagogy.” Rather than accept the traditional scholarly honorarium for his lecture,

however, Professor Omatsu asked the Department of Ethnic Studies to donate the funds to

organizations that embodied the themes of his talk. KAMP was humbled to receive the award

alongside the Trash Talkers Collective, a grassroots group of youth activists who organize

around issues of environmental justice. While Professor Omatsu’s talk in the evening was both

inspiring and challenging, KAMP was also able to host a brunch in the morning at Filipino Food

and Bakery, introducing Professor Omatsu to our kuyas, ates, and allies in the community.

KAMP sincerely appreciates the Department of Ethnic Studies and Professor Omatsu’s

recognition of our work. It is humbling to be recognized by a pioneer in the field of Asian

American Studies and activism.

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