NaFFAA Workshop

This past August, the KAMP crew felt uplifted after engaging in dialogue with various leaders at NaFFAA’s National Empowerment Conference held in San Diego. A few of KAMP’s KuyAtes, Sean, John and Kim discussed how KAMP leadership goes about designing and facilitating their educational workshops. To design a successful workshop, the Kuyates explained how “establishing desired outcomes, creating Freirean dialogue, and effectively identifying the audience” were key to KAMP’s educational planning. To drive home the points, audience members practiced designing educational workshops in small groups. Each group critically designed a workshop suited for different social contexts such as in high school classrooms, at conferences, or even at cultural festivals. Furthermore, the Kuyates referred the audience members to Filipina/o American historical and cultural resources such as or Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP) books.

Isang Bagsak! That’s another educational workshop carried out by the KAMP crew and the beautiful thing about this workshop was that we were able to share and dialogue about the very educational philosophy that bonds KAMP and its allies. Part of that philosophy is that education occurs through dialogue, and since we should all be regard ourselves as both educators and equals, we should continuously strive to learn together using critical dialogue. So that’s what KAMP will continue to do and continue to support: create and support educational spaces that promote critical thinking through dialogue.

-Kuya Sean Tangco

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