KAMP’s Open House Recap: “Discussion or Dialogue?”

“Dialogue is an encounter among [people] who name the world, it must not be a situation where [some] name on behalf of others. It is an act of creation; it must not serve as a crafty instrument for domination of [one] by another…”
                              -Paolo Friere
                              (Pedagogy of the Oppressed, 77)

On September 17 KAMP held its first educational discussion (E.D.) and Open House of the year at Pangea Bakery in Clairemont Mesa. Once a month we hold a forum where members of the community can discuss and dialogue about issues that mostly concern the Filipin@ American community.  These E.D’s also help us to formulate a lesson plan to take to the high schools and middle schools. This past school year we had discussions about the Filipino farmworkers movement, natural resources of the Philippines, four waves of immigration, gender roles, the fall of the I-Hotel, and the revolutionary history of the Philippine flag.

This year we decided to start off by deconstructing the ideas of “Dialogue and Discussion.” Our participants were made up of an eclectic mix consisting of university staff from UCSD, political candidates, labor organizers, community members, students from USD, SDSU, and Miramar College.  Everyone got a chance to meet a new person and talk about their definition of dialogue and discussion.  Afterwards we all shared what we talked about with our partners right before our Executive Director, Amanda Amorao Ph.D., introduced us to Paolo Friere and his philosophies on pedagogy and education.
As a KAMP mentor of seven years, I can say that these educational discussions (or dialogues) have helped me to grow even after finishing college.  It shows that learning never ends and that communities can build themselves when the members have the determination to do so.  It’s a movement of community, youth, education and progress.

We encourage you to join us at our next educational dialogue, “Where Is Home?” when we talk about immigration and identity.  Our E.D. will be held at the United Domestic Workers Community Hall at 7:00pm on October 15th.

Kuya Marc Pescadera

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