Educational Dialogue: “Where Is Home?”

KAMP_ED_WhereIsHome_Oct14October’s Educational Dialogue: Where Is Home?

Who am I? Where are my parents from? Am I Filipino or American?

These are questions we want to explore at the Kuya Ate Mentorship Program’s (KAMP) October Educational Dialogue, “Where is Home?” Immigration and identity weave seamlessly through our lives, history, and culture. In celebration of Filipin@ American History Month, KAMP invites you to an evening of re/discovering your roots and to commemorate the journey of all Filipin@s to the US.
On October 15th, we hope you can join us 7pm at the headquarters of the United Domestic Workers of America on 4855 Seminole Drive in San Diego. Light refreshments will be provided with the program beginning promptly at 7:30pm. For more information, please contact KAMP at