Congrats to the Class of 2014!

Fil-Grad stands for Filipin@ Graduates. Fil-Grad is a day we dedicate to our graduating high school youth who have accomplished and completed a chapter in their lives. To top off this milestone, the Kuya and Ates from KAMP put together an annual celebration for their achievements.Donors, supporters and volunteers share their love for the graduating class by giving their time, space and resources to our youth. I, co-hosted that day, along with Romyn Sabatchi, had a great time living the moment with our graduating youth and recognizing them for the hard work they put into their high school lives. Watching our youth grow and transform to future leaders from the classroom to the community will continue to amaze me. Their aspiring spirits filled the room once they each took the mic to extend their gratitude for their teachers, family, friends and fellow class. Their eagerness to move onto greater things and to give back to our community warmed my heart and empowered me to also keep moving forward. I cannot wait to see where each of our youth will go and I am excited to witness the changes they will make to make this world a better place.

As a mentor for KAMP I look forward to our monthly visits into the Filipino language classrooms and meeting new faces. Each of our youth has a story, a thought and an opinion and as KAMP comes into their classrooms, together we breakdown current issues within our community as Filipinos, as Filipino-Americans and as contributing members of our society. Our hopes after every visit is that we all take something with us that we have learned in the classroom and bring it out into the community. Through all the learning that we have done together, we as Kuyas and Ates wish them the best of luck one last time before they move on to bigger and greater things.

-Kim Paule

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Chef/Co-Founder of Filipino Kitchen