The FANHS Conference

From July 31 to August 2, the Filipino American National Historical Society held its biannual conference at the Kona Kai Resort. The theme this year was “Kapwa,” honoring the Filipino communal sense of identity and interdependence. KAMP’s alpha ates, Sites Coordinator Lily Prijoles and Executive Director Amanda Solomon Amorao, collaborated to present a panel on Pinay activism. Long-time community activists Candice L. Custodio-Tan and JoAnn Fields also participated on the panel. It was an empowering hour-long conversation about the challenges of being a conscious Pinay working in the community. From dialoguing about grassroots organizing to academic study to cultural production to youth mentorship to local politics, the experiences and projects of the panel participants are diverse, but all are united by the pursuit of social change. Ultimately, this roundtable offered a space to share about the challenges and necessity of pursuing political alternatives in Pinay lives.

Ate Amanda Solomon-Amorao

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